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Going to SM Mall of Asia on a tight budget? These were our misadventures w/ my friends: (Giant mall deserves a long composition!)

6:00 PM - Start of the walkathon, from our place, to the walls of FEU, to LRT-2 at Recto, to the bridgeway connecting LRT-1 at Rizal Avenue. (0 pesos but a glass of sweat)

6:30 PM - Doroteo Jose station, going to Baclaran. Rushing to the ticket booth to catch up the incoming coach. As we are nearing to enter, the door closes. Desperately hurrying to get a ride, I block the door with my bare hands, not realizing that it was an old coach, so it has no sensors that will detect if there is an obstruction at the doorway. (actually, it was my first time I did it. Kaya nyo 'yun?) Luckily, I was able to pull my hand out at the nick of time. (Hayyy! Akala ko katapusan ko na!) Then the guard approached us, warned us that it was an old coach, that it has no sensors, blah, blah, blah! As we were waiting for the next coach, we laughed about my foolishness.
The story goes on...
7:00 PM - We went down at EDSA-Taft Station. No need to ask someone for directions. An orange cab (just like the one circling CCP) is waiting for everybody. We were at Mall of Asia in no time. (the trip will not be complete without a taste of pollution NCR was known for)

7:30 PM - Strolling at the Mall of Asia. Of course, my personal agenda is to look for that IMAX Theater. First building: the Main Mall. Whew! It was so HUGE! Approximately half of the total shops are now opened. (contrary to my presumption, which is only within my fingers, hands and feet). The interior is not the traditional SM "box-type" mall. As a gifted child of map-reading, I was wondering where can I get a map of the mall or maybe have a glimpse of it.

8:45 PM - Our empty stomachs started to make some sounds. Yet we can't decide where to dine. A few more walk that we decided to eat at the Foodcourt. (because of its variety? Absolutely not! They, excluding me, were on a tight budget, remember? Sorry friends, this is my blog, hehehe!)

Then, they tried some pastries at BreadTalk. (because they only had a light meal. Ok, whatever!) What! A bun for 50 bucks! No way! Good thing is that I'm already full. (Really, I am!) Then they end up sharing, taste testing, their purchases. As always, they can't leave me behind, I took a pinch and taste it. Oh! It tastes good; I'll be coming back for you!

9:30 PM - We decided to go to the non-air-conditioned section of the mall, since it was late night. We stroll at the cellphone/gadgets/electronics wing. (As always, I'm dreaming to have that latest gadget in town.) The walkway looks like I'm in Greenbelt, mainly because of its greenery). Then there was the IMAX Theater everyone is talking about. It doesn't look like an eight-story to me but, considering that the entrance is at the first floor, and the exit is at the second floor, I can say that it is big.

10:00 PM - Wrapping things up. We went at the back to see the Entertainment Hall. (as in HALL, it was spacious!) Then there was the viewing deck for the famous Manila Bay Sunset.

10:30 PM - The misadventures didn't stop there. On our way home, I saw a guy from afar, wearing the same shirt as I was wearing. How luckless I am, he got on the jeepney we were riding. "Are you blind?" Are there any laws prohibiting people with same shirts from passing with each other? Good thing, we were ends apart, or else, it will be a battle of the fittest. (For sure, I will keep that shirt at the bottom of my closet)

Postscript: I went back there two days later, to watch X-men 3. At last, I watched a movie without bringing someone along. (That means savings for me! Hehehe!)

Postscript 2: Trivia: The Mall of Asia has a floor area of 386,000 square meters -- one of Asia's largest and almost as big as Vatican City.. Planning to tour the whole mall in a day? I don't think so.

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cyberpunk said...

now i understand why you feel "like superman"! trying to stop the LRT doors from closing eh? nyuk nyuk nyuk

adrian15 said...

lols! andami grammatical error! tsk tsk! ang ganda ng postcript 1 mo ah... nirerefer mo ba ako dun? hehehe. yaan mo next time di na ako tatanggi... ^_^
yayain mo ko ulit ah... ^_^

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