Yahoo Mail Beta and Strain Limits

Have you tried the new Yahoo! Mail Beta? Many say it is slowww, but hey, i love ajax, i love the interface. I've been dreaming to operate MS Outlook. Well, it (Yahoo!Mail) looks like it (Outlook), isn't it. And one more thing, I don't have to switch to Gmail and then back to Y!Messenger (along with its never-ending sign-in processes). In case you don't know how to access the Yahoo! Mail Beta, well, it's a trade secret.

* * *

i'm in somber mode because after a fruitful decade, one of our basin (palanggana) has gotten its yield strain, and its brittleness formed a crack. And what a coincidence, my shades has gotten its yield strain too. Not just one holder cracked, but two! (Anyway, I promised myself not to wear a tight-fitting shades anymore...) Good thing, it's so tight, it still fits, and does not slide down.

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