Anak ni Janice

Paunawa: wag mong babasahin kung ayaw mong masira araw mo dahil sa Superman returns. Uulitin ko:


More pics and trivia!
Spoiler in a flash!

Superman returns after 5 years of absence because he was away looking for remains of planet Krypton. Louis is engaged with Richard and has a kid called Jason. Meanwhile Luther find Superman's fortress and steals his crystals. He fuses one with Kryptonite and throws it into the sea creating a big land mass which will push out the sea and drown America. Superman shows up there but is beaten up badly and thrown into the sea cause he is powerless on Kryptonite landmass. Louis saves him from drowning. Superman then rips the whole landmass and throws it out in space.

He goes unconscious, crashing back into the atmosphere and landing in Metropolis's Centennial Park. We then see Superman being rushed into a hospital where the doctors attempt to tend to him, but since he's invulnerable and the needles break as soon as they try to put them in, all the doctors can do is hope and pray.

The next day, Lois and his son went to the hospital. The doctor shows them to where Superman is sleeping. Lois looks at him as Jason examines the suit and goes, "Can you hear me? They say people can hear you, even when they're unconscious. Can you hear me?" She pauses, and then moves closer, continuing, "There's something...something I have to tell you." She bends over and whispers something in his ear, and then kisses him on the forehead. She grabs Jason and moves to leave when Jason dashes back to the bedside and kisses Superman's forehead too.

* * *

Trivia: When director Bryan Singer became interested in possibly hiring Brandon Routh, he arranged for them to meet in a coffee shop. When they met at their table, Routh stumbled and spilled hot coffee all over the table. Although he panicked, thinking he had just lost the part, Singer laughed and said it actually helped him get the part. The incident convinced Singer that Routh could pull of the clumsy, bumbling Clark Kent.

Ang galing! Napaka creative ng writers, nakagawan ng karugtong.. Ayan GMA-7, meron nang pampahaba ng istorya ng Captain Barbell, tutal kinopya nyo naman, lubus-lubusin nyo na!

May kumakalat na forum, paano daw mabuo yung anak? May nagsasabing, noong Superman II, may love scene daw sila.

May nagsasabing dahil sa "Super-Kiss"! Hehe!

Ganun na rin ang theory ko!

Ang anak ni Superman:

The clumsy Clark Kent is back!

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