Near theft experience

last night, on my way home, i was uncomfortable with my seat in the jeepney, i was not at the either ends of that bench. Then, there's this guy forcing his way in to sit next to me.. minutes later, he looked suspicious and uneasy, planning when to execute his evil deed.

I used my peripheral view to monitor where his hands are going. "Hey, of all people, why me? There are other people that has more treasures than me.." That time, i only got a monochrome cellphone (Thank God, I'm haven't bought a new one!) together with a hundred bucks.

We got an eye-to-eye contact, with my eyes telling him "Loser! you gonna get nothing from me!" Then he pulled over and went off the jeepney with his accomplice.

so, the next time you ride a jeepney, take either the seat nearest to the exit or next to the driver. Don't take an AUV at night, chances are higher you'll get robbed. one more thing, be observant. and try to bring just a small amount of benjamins with you, but come payday (when i got my hard-earned pay in hand), still dunno what to do..

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cyberpunk said...

Welcome to the club! And you said I got victimed because I look small and helpless! Hah!

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