Clubbing for dummies

At last, I have gathered my thoughts to write my first composition (got what I mean? Honestly, I'd been rearranging excerpts, since my high school journalism days, a little revision and whalah! I just came up with an article, hahaha!)

i'm writing in a very late basis.. very historic, very archived! (good thing, i still remember it!)

Weeks ago, I joined my folks to go in a club. We were welcomed by the loud music, bodies bumping all over, and the flowing booze. And then I realized 'What the hell am I doing here? What's my purpose of coming here?' I'm supposed to be in my own, solemn corner...

A change in environment? Well, I think so.

Ok, and the party goes on... after looking around, after walking around, I can say that the place is a convergence of: pretty boys, pretty girls, a group minding their own, men oozing with confidence, and those sort of... losers L-)

Hey, they say it's a place where you can meet people. But it seems i don't have that f**king confidence other people had.

maybe because of all the complex situations (hardships) i don't want to remember (and/or share) anymore.. or maybe i was contained for a long time (in a cell called "home").. or i lost it the day i got this nerve-twitching facial spasm..

hope that day will come when I'll forget my insecurities and be proud on what I had become.

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