Lip-locking Sandara Park and Lee MinHo for CF Cass Beer Ad

Popular girlgroup 2NE1 member Sandara Park’s ‘bad love kiss’ with Boys over Flowers actor Lee MinHo (Jun Pyo) raises topic.

Still cuts to the 2’s upcoming new beer CF were released on 6th September, and in the still cuts were the charming and alluring kiss of the 2.

It has been reported that Dara and Lee Min Ho have only two kissing scenes in the commercial but the director filmed 100 kissing scenes of the two so they could choose two best shots.

In this Cass 2X CF, both Sandara Park and Lee MinHo plays the role of the bad guy and bad girl’s fatal charms.

Sandara Park has dumped the ordinary cute image for sexy image – with smoky eye markeup and hair pulled to the back. And she gives off a femme fatale atmosphere in the her kissing scene with Lee MinHo in the still cuts.

"Cass," that's the name of the beer that they're endorsing. Wondering why almost entertainment bloggers are blogging and putting so much buzz about this? Well, the said commercial contains a hundred kissing scene of Dara and Lee Min Ho. Yep, as in 100 times of kissing scene.

Sandara and Lee Min Ho have finished shooting the highly anticipated tv commercial for Cass beer. Fans are now anxiously waiting for the airing of the actual tv commercial that signals both Sandara and Min Ho as two of the hottest new stars in Korea.

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