Who Wants To be Millionaire Recap Aug-23

On the last episode for the Who Wants To be Millionaire 10th year anniversary, on hot seat reached the million dollar question, asking about LBJ favorite drinks. At first, I though LBJ was NBA star Lebron James but it was former US President Lyndon Johnson.

For ONE MILLION DOLLARS, this is the question - we’re all with you, Mr. Ken Basin:

For ordering his favorite beverages on demand, Lyndon B Johnson (LBJ) had four buttons installed in the Oval Office labeled coffee, tea, Coke and what?

A: Fresca

B: V8

C: Yoo-Hoo

D: A&W

What popular game’s name is derived from a Swahili word meaning “to build”?

A: Scrabble
B: Jenga
C: Boggle
D: Dominoes

GUESS (:20): Jenga- RIGHT (2:09)

What 2009 big screen comedy features Betty White as a wacky grandmother?

A: “I Love You, Man”
B: “The Proposal”
C: “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”
D: “The Hangover”

GUESS (:21): “The Proposal”- RIGHT (2:30)

Which of these historical names can be spelled out by writing three U.S. state abbreviations in a row?


GUESS (:18): GANDHI- REACHES $25,000 (3:08)

Ken’s the only contestant on this edition of the show to make it to the upper tier with all four lifelines intact! Here’s his $50,000 question in the category of He’s a Keeper:

Which member of the Obama Cabinet held the same job in George W. Bush’s administration?

A: Robert Gates
B: Ken Salazar
C: Timothy Geithner
D: Steven Chu

Ken locks in Gates at :35...still the Secretary of Defense, it is indeed him for $50,000!

“Listen Carefully” to this $100,000 question:

In the 1984 movie “Gremlins”, which of the following is NOT one of the three rules for taking care of the creature Mogwai?

A: Don’t get him wet
B: Keep him out of bright light
C: Never feed him after midnight
D: Don’t let him sleep too much

After eliminating choices A & C in his head, he decides to Double Dip. His first answer is don’t let him sleep too much. correct for $100,000!

For $250,000, here’s the question in the topic of In the Middle:

If you want to take a vacation to the “Geographic Center of North America”, you should pack up your car and drive to what U.S. state?

A: North Dakota
B: Texas
C: Colorado
D: Wyoming

He wants to save some lifelines for the million dollar question, so he’s going to answer right away. His final answer with :25 left is North Dakota…

For half a million bucks, here’s a question about something that has been Making Headlines:

What film actress’ death was reported on the front page of the debut issue of USA Today?

A: Audrey Hepburn
B: Marlene Dietrich
C: Grace Kelly
D: Greta Garbo

11 seconds into this question, Ken Phones a Friend. His phone menu consists of former “Jeopardy!” champion Jerome Vered (L.A.), Alan (North Hills, CA) and Dan (Cambridge, MA). Ken decides to select Jerome, who’s only 35% sure it’s Grace Kelly. Then, at the :26 mark, he calls up Bill Nye for help, who’s guessing it’s Audrey Hepburn. With five seconds left, Ken’s going for it! His final answer is Grace Kelly.

For the Million dollar question:

For ordering his favorite beverages on demand, LBJ had four buttons installed in the Oval Office labeled “coffee”, “tea”, “Coke” and what?

With 3:36 left, he wisely doesn’t make any guess right now and will Ask the Audience, so as to not heavily influence them in any way. 40% said Yoo-Hoo, 33% said A&W, 15% said Fresca and 12% said V8. With 1:12 left, his final answer is the audience’s majority of Yoo-Hoo.



The audience has gotten another Million Dollar Question wrong. It was Fresca, the grapefruit-flavored soft drink by Coca-Cola that now no longer exists.

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