NY Post Erin Andrews Peep Pictures

After days of searching for Erin Andrews peephole image, it is shocking that the New York Post, of all news agencies, will have a part of Erin Andrews peep photos sharing to the whole Big Apple. The NY Post Erin Andrews Photos published in their newspaper for circulation had made ESPN a decision to ban all NY Post staff from appearing on a ESPN program. Erin Andrews lawyers also plan to sue the publication of New York Post for publishing the Erin Andrews peep photos.

I visited the said NY Post article and discovered that in fact they really have gone over the line. They posted an article entitled (in all caps) "ESPN REPORTED ERIN ANDREWS CAUGHT NAKED ON CAMERA THROUGH HOTEL ROOM PEEPHOLE". The way they presented it is unprofessional, you never use all caps in journalism. Also, I noticed that the URL about this article has the words "espn_hottie_erin_andrews_in_peep_shocker".

While we understand the Post’s decision to cover this as a news story, their running photos obtained in such a fashion went well beyond the boundaries of common decency in the interest of sensationalism

The blurry video shows Erin Andrews in front of a mirror while doing her after-bath rituals, fixing her hair, without her clothes on.

Come on guys, I saw Erin Andrews peep video and believe me, it's not worth the investigation. The five-minute video is unclear, even Erin Andrews can deny that she is in that peep video. For me, the Maricar Reyes scandal video from the Philippines is way better.

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