Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial Hair on Fire (Video)

We finally found the previously unreleased video of Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial Hair catches Fire. The infamous footage was taken in 1984 and in the video Michael Jackson's hair caught fire while filming the Pepsi Commercial. The video, released to U.S. Weekly has two takes - one where pyrotechnic explosions to go to the proper implementation and the sixth in which the explosion occurs too early and the King of Pop hair on fire.

Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial Hair on Fire Footage

Jackson continues to dance for about 10 seconds, but eventually realizes what has happened, and when he starts spinning and the production crew members rush to put out the fire.

Jackson's suffered second and third degree burns of his scalp, and has been blamed for leading the entertainer to painkiller addiction.

The story in Us magazine's weekly print edition is titled "The Day Jacko's Addiction Started."

Latest Gossip on the Jackson siblings, Pia Bhatti is Blanket Jackson’s mom!

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