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Proofs-of-Purchase on Pinoy Bingo Night Home Viewer Game. Pinoy Bingo Night is the newest game on ABS CBN, resembling 1 vs 100 meets bingo, 200 bingo players against 1. Well, I read a lot of dilemnas from studio contestants on the screening process, taking one whole day just for the screening.

During this times desperate for some quick cash, why frown for hours lining up when you can join the Pinoy Bingo Night Home Viewer Game and try to win as well. Here are the proofs-of-Purchase to secure a PBN GameCard:

* Goldilocks

1 PBN Gamecard for every P25.00 worth of purchase at any Goldilocks stores.

* Knorr Pork Cubes

Shellbox 2-pc pack (2pcs) = 1 PBN Gamecard
Pantry Pack 6-pc pack = 1 PBN Gamecard
Saves Pack 12-pc pack = 2 PBN Gamecards

* CDO Karne Norte

100 grams (2 pieces) = 1 PBN Gamecard
150 grams = 1 PBN Gamecard
175 grams = 1 PBN Gamecard
200 grams = 1 PBN Gamecard
150 grams Chunky = 1 PBN Gamecard


* Coke

1 PBN Gamecard for every 1 Coca-cola Litro cap.

* Sunsilk

Shampoo and Conditioner Variants
Smooth and Managable; Damage Repair; Straight and Sway; Curls and Wave Bounce
Dry and Damaged; Long and Thick; Hair Fall Solution
Strong and Long; Soft and Smooth; Anti-Dandruff

Bottle 200 mL = 4 PBN Gamecards
Bottle 100 mL = 2 PBN Gamecards
Sachet 12ml (5 pcs) = 1 PBN Gamecard

Shampoo + Conditioner:
Sachet (5pcs) = 1 PBN Gamecard

* Creamsilk

Dandruff Free (Purple); Damage Control (Dark Blue); Strength Boost (Green)
Standout Straight (Pink); Volume Up (Light Black); Brilliant Black

Bottle 200mL = 4 PBN Gamecards
Bottle 100mL = 2 PBN Gamecards
Sachet 12ml (5 pcs) = 1 PBN Gamecard

Cream Silk Treatment
Pot 270 mL = 8 PBN Gamecards
Sachet 20 ml (2 pcs) = 1 PBN Gamecard

* Rexona
Roll-On: Ice Cool, Power, Quantum
Roll-on 40 mL = 2 PBN Gamecards
Mini Roll-On: Cotton, Free Spirit, Passion, Sensive, Skin Light
mini Roll-on 25 mL = 1 PBN Gamecard
Deo-Lotion: Cotton, Free Spirit, Passion, Sensive, Skin Light; Ice Cool, Power, Quantum, Ionic
Sachet 3pcs = 1 PBN Gamecard

* Surf
Kalamansi / Tawas
Jumbo Cut 3pcs = 1 PBN Gamecard
Long Bar = 1 PBN Gamecard
Powder 70g 5pcs = 1 PBN Gamecard
Powder 120g 2pcs = 1 PBN Gamecard
Powder 500g = 2 PBN Gamecards
Powder 1000g = 3 PBN Gamecards
Powder 2000g = 5 PBN Gamecards

Blossom Fresh / Sun Fresh / Tropical Fresh
Jumbo Cut (2pcs) = 1 PBN Gamecard
Long Bar = 1 PBN Gamecard
Powder 70g (3pcs) = 1 PBN Gamecard
Powder 500g = 2 PBN Gamecards
Powder 1000g = 4 PBN Gamecards
Powder 2000g = 7 PBN Gamecards

Surf Dishwashing Liquid
Bottle 300mL
Pouch 190 mL
Pouch 50mL

* Vaseline
Clean and Fresh, Dandruff Care
Bottle 400 ML = 5 PBN Gamecards
Bottle 200 ML = 3 PBN Gamecards
Bottle 100 ML = 2 PBN Gamecards
Sachet (5pcs) = 1 PBN Gamecard

* Redemption of GameCards are limited to only 15 GameCards a person a day.
Pinoy Bingo Night Home Viewers can choose if their redeemed Game Cards will be played on the current playing week or on the next week.

REDEMPTION AND PLAYING WEEK SCHEDULES: Redemption of GameCards is until JJune 21.

and then watch every after show as they flash 20 numbers that should match your Pinoy Bingo Night Card that should form a X-pattern to win P150,000, that's a lot of cash! These GameCards are valid for a week.
UPDATE: This is a link to a site that posts the latest PBN Home Viewer Game Results (20 Winning Numbers updated Daily)

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i lab pinoy bingo nights..
di lang ako runong laro hehehe

pruneskie said...

wow! nakuha mo na pala mga info about this bingo. seryoso ka talaga ha!

deejayz said...

@prunskie, sana naman lumabas sa google search. seryoso din ako manalo ng prize, mas maaga ako papalit para di magaya sa gobingo.
@Pablo Pabling, nood ka lang para sa pattern, bingo naman yun eh

famfam said...

thanks s the way,pork cubes lang ba ang pwedeng gawing proof of about ung ibang variants ng knorr cubes?

Anonymous said...

hi..ask ko lng po kung panu ung mechanics para sa home viewer game?pde ba ulitin laruin ung card sa susunod n araw?ynx!

deejayz said...

@famfam, yes Knorr PORK cubes, the exchange reps are very strict with this.

@Anony, GameCards are valid for one week, so I suggest you photocopy those cards, so you can use it for five days.

Melrose Fulgencio Website said...

pati patintero, may online game na! hahaha! kuleeet :p

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