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This is my first crack on this SEO keyword project, let me try how far can this go. A lot of people got confused on the correct spelling of UTUBE, YOTUBE, YUTUBE or YUOTUBE. This may be attributed to hearsays, abbereviating the words or different pronunciations on our native tongue. British, Turkish, Greeks, Spain and Spanish-speaking nations in Latin America often failed to get Youtube.com.

You should double-check for the correct spelling, otherwise, you will be directed elsewhere. But MIGHTY google is getting smarter everyday, he doesn't suggests anymore (sad!), he forces his way to show results with the correct spelling.

How to overcome this problem? Include the words UTUBE, YOTUBE, YUTUBE or YUOTUBE inside the quotation marks (" "), and you will get the desired results.

utube yotube yutube tres mas comunes son las palabras de youtube.com. Hay solo unos pocos millones de resultados para utube yotube yutube. Ortografía nazis podría arrojar piedras a mi, con perdon, pero es mas importante, me importa si hace clic en referrals.


UTUBE, YOTUBE, YUTUBE and YUOTUBE three most common are the words of youtube.com. There are only a few million results for utube, yotube yutube and yuotube. Spelling Nazis might throw stones at me, pardon me for my wrong spelling, but more importantly, I care if you click on utube referrals.

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