Gadgets of the moment 2

Nokia launched its new handset for music mania, Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. Nokia 5310 is a cell phone with a thickness of 9.9mm!!! that is perfect for listening to our favorite tunes while jogging around the block or commuting to work or school via a bus, taxi, or train. Nokia 5310 comes out with a solid cover as a rock. The aluminum sides and color arrangement causes the phone to appear elegant and modest.

Nokia’s decision to place the 3.5 mm headphone jack at the top of Nokia 5310 was an outstanding design choice. This option conveniently prevents the cables from being knotted up. In addition, the music control keys rise up perfectly off the phone’s surface, making them easy to locate when the phone is concealed in a purse or pants pocket.

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jackie said...

super slim naman nyan. baka dumulas lang sa kamay ko ndi ko namamalayan.

empressmaruja said...

Ganyan din ang phone ng brother ko. Masayang-masaya siya.

towr said...

cool! i will check that when i go to malls

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