How confusing to tell time

Tired of people looking over your shoulder to see the time? time-reading has never been this so confusing! these watches tells time in a futuristic manner. Strangers won't have a clue about what time it is, and so are you, it requires a little arithmetic! nice!

TokyoFlash has displayed some of the craziest watches that have been previously sold on their site (so crazy that you need instructions just to learn how to tell time on them).

On the multi-color LED model the red lights (12) indicate the hour, the green (3) indicate 15 minutes each & the Yellow (14) are 1 minute each.

Here's another one of those cryptic watches that make you guess what time it is, the JLr7, whose little J and L-shaped LEDs seem to light up at random. Even its name seems arbitrary, but check out the top row of LEDs and you'll see: JLr7.

The two leftmost columns are for reading what hour it is, while the remain right columns tell the minutes. In the first column (from left to right), one LED blip means five hours, one hour for the second column, ten minutes for each LED lit in the third, and single minutes in the fourth. In the picture above, the time displayed is "10:15."

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yatot said...

grabe naman ito.. maganda siya and very stylish... pero i did not get the jlr7 watch... parang hindi ko yata na-figured out...

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