Madugong tres

This is hilarious. i saw a shirt with this poem on print some years ago.

A threat for nerds, a saving grace for the bullies.


    I think I shall never see
    A grade as lovely as a three
    A three that's earned with blood and sweat
    When failing is a serious threat.

    A three I've asked from God all day
    Knowing praying is the only way
    Exams are taken by fools like me
    But only God can give a three.

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Anonymous said...

aww, wala pa akong ganung UP shirt! hehe.

btw, care to exchange links? :D

Edong said...

been looking for the wordings of that shirt... dito ko lang pala makikita... salamat bro!

:) said...

hahaha.. that's in a UP shirt..

kc said...

haha. that's a up shirt...gusto ko ngang bumili nyan..kahit di ako taga-up.. *lol*

can relate ako dyan eh! =)

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