grabe! hindi talaga makapaghintay at super-siksik sila! buti na lang at walang gumagawa nito sa LRT o MRT, siga kasi mga sekyu sa atin, hindi katulad ng nasa video... maikli lang ito.

Click here if you can't see the player.

Getting to work on time is important, but so are subway occupancy restrictions. These commuters don't seem to care about occupancy restrictions -- nor do the patrolmen, who help push them inside the overflowing subway car. This seems awfully dangerous to us (not to mention that the passengers all probably leave the train looking like they just came out of the dryer). Doesn't this scene remind you of trying desperately to close an overflowing suitcase?

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jaydj said...

natawang naawa ako sa lalake ! ginawang siyang luggage na pinagsisiksik ang damit. hahahahaha!

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