Natatandaan nyo pa ba ito? sino pa kaya gumagamit nito sa kusina?

Gleam Liquid Sosa. Tanggal agad ang bara. This was used sometime ago to clear sluggish and clogged pipes, sinks and drains. It can dissolve hair, grease and grime. That was before...

Ang bago...
The Flexisnake is like a plumbing snake, except it has a piece of Velcro at the end to pull hair out of a sink drain.

Hair is leading cause of clogged drains in bathroom sinks, so it stands to reason that Velcro can be used to clear out clogged drains.

You feed the Velcro end down a sink drain, and spin it around, and then pull it out. Since the hair clog is often entangled, the entire clog can be pulled out at once.

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Temperamental Jologs said...

Pahamak tong liquid soza sa mga katulad kong di nagbabasa ng mga labels. ginamit ko yan sa sink namin dun sa una kong unit na tinirhan. ayun natunaw yung tubo. haha

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