Heroes on FreeTV

i've been waiting this. i saw the "Heroes" teaser while watching WWE recaps over at RPN9. since i don't have (the time to apply for) a cable subscription, that why i'm raving. Good thing Solar got it, current reception of RPN9 is good, compared to Studio23.

pirates over at quiapo doesn't have the complete season 1 yet, so i don't want to waste some money. Now, jologs-novela addicts at my place are scared as early as i noticed the teaser.. the boobtube monster, lording over the remote, will be back! Hahaha!

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aryo said...

Nakakuha ako ng season 1 DVD pero di ko pa ma get ang kwento. Medyo mabagal ang development. Mapanood nga uli.

deejayz said...

premiere is on March 11, 8pm.

zero voltage said...

I'm a Heroes fan :D Season 1 hasn't ended. The 5 episode story arc finale is scheduled to start April 23.

Yung DVD na labelled season 1 is bogus. 1st one that came out was up to Episode 11 ata? Last week was Episode 18 na.

Watch till episode 4. I think you'll get hooked on this one. Dami cuts ng RPN 9. Parang WWE walang chair shots! he he ...

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