Have you heard about radio stations, changing formats? Must have something to do with the ratings game..

I read about Heart 103.5 (previously, K-Lite) and Hit 99.5 (99.5RT), changing names, and formats. And I was surprised when a friend told me about the latest casualty of this trend, Barangay LS 97.1 (which was GMA7's Campus Radio). At first, I ignored it, thinking that was just a rumor. Then my brother told me he heard a DJ saying "We're signing off as Campus radio," over at the UP Fair.

WTF? What happened!!?? The management had shifted on catering the masses, obviously, for more advertising, resulting for money, money, money. Just like what they've done on TV. Management sucks! Bigtime!

Now, the DJs speak in Tagalog, even cracking senseless jokes! [Kukurukuku, anyone?] Now, I've been hearing it over the buses and jeepneys. I'm really disappointed. I've been listening to them during my high school years, due to the hip style, where they play those current hits. Now, I wonder, can you please come up with MTV radio, since i haven't seen it on TV the past few days.

Updated: Feb.25: Sign up the petition to bring back "Campus Radio" format. I doubt it would work. Just enjoy reading what other listeners' reactions.


another thing i'm pissed on, is dubbing, or tagalizing, which of course, translating into tagalog. I'm not an addict of these chinovela, koreanovela, mexican, nippon crappola. (i watched some, in fairness.) even anime, i quit watching anime, once they flooded the boobtube. i wonder, do Power Rangers really speak our language? oh come on. Free TV no longer educates these kids. Show it as it is, and let these kids to appreciate and learn the English language?

Damn it, even the songs were translated, piracy all over the place.

one example is Adam Sandler's "Grow old with you." searching the Net for info, and i found out that Vhong Navarro has its own rendition, was which translated (again, to cater the f***ing masses). How can we be creative and all?

It goes something like this:
Itong awiting ito ay alay sa iyo
Sintonado man ‘tong mga pangako sayo
Ang gusto ko lamang
Makasama kang tumanda

Patatawanin kita pag di ka masaya
Bubuhatin kita pag nirayuma ka na
O ka’y sarap isipin
Kasama kang tumanda

Ibibili ng balot pag mahina nang tuhod
Ikukuha ng gamot pag sumakit ang likod
O kay sarap isipin
Kasama kang tumanda

Sasamahan kahit kailanman
Mahigit kumulang, di mabilang
Tatlumpung araw sa isang buwan
Umabot man tayo sa 3001

We'll, as common knowledge that is, Pinoys are great copycats. *Sigh!*

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Anonymous said...

what a shame indeed.

ivanhenares said...

Just dropping by and checking out the Pinoy blogosphere! :)


Tess Termulo said...

I haven't been listening to the radio for a long while. But I hope they don't do that to NU 107. Do they still have that station? Hehe :-D

deejayz said...

@Tess: yeah, NU107 lives on. But with minor changes as well. One friend told me that they're infusing pop-rock as well.

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