iPhone is coming

this is it!! Apple revealed the much-hyped iPhone.

The body of the phone is just a screen with a home button. Picture a video iPod, flatten it, remove the scroll wheel and elongate the screen. It seems to do everything--music, movies, messaging, photos, email, web-browsing w/ Safari, Google Maps, and it's all touchscreen-based, i repeat, touch-based. (Goodbye, stylus!)

Of course, battery life is essential here. Steve Jobs reveals that there is 5 hours of talk time and 16 hours of continuous audio playback. Awesome! (Paris Hilton accent)

Just wait and see what happens whose trademark is it gonna be? The legal battle on trademark between Apple and Cisco is as buzzworthy as the iPhone.

My problem would be, if I can't convince myself to indulge for an iPod, what more for an iPhone? (just being practical, man! and for my own safety, too!) Poor me! You can never have it all!

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Jepoy said...

sana lagyan nila ng 3G and HSDPA support yung Asian version nila. :~)

jean.movie said...

woah.. nice catch. ;)

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