passing up on love

*sigh* i miss the care. i miss the fun. i miss the fights that comes with it. i miss the sweet nothings.

right now, i'm suppressing the feeling, or just letting it passed by.

someone said about taking chances. i have to evaluate myself, love should not be a necessity..

ive been into the best and worst of this mad love

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Cyberpunk said...

that's fine and dandy, just make sure that you won't regret it...another "what-if" moment in the making imo...

i've encountered some people who've let the things that could possibly make them happy pass by...not everything has a second chance tho...

Rachene said...

I'd say the decision to pass up on love depends on your age.

When you're still young it's ok to pass up on love because you have more important things to take care of like studies.. yada-yada

It hurts when the person you thought was the one would go for another because you didn't give him/her a chance but that doesn't mean you don't have another chance in the near future.

On the other hand, it gets more complicated when you get older.

Hard to choose especially when you take into consideration your age and desperation.

But that's life! ^____^ Heck, I even plan on being single! Lol.. it's written in the bible eh. Something about offspring-less people being fortunate.

It's both a bother and a gift being a parent I suppose.

Nax, layo na ng pinag-usapan ko.. xD end.

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