A taste of the State University

Last Sunday, I accompanied my sister who is taking the UPCAT! It was a way of testing the waters for her, the time-pressured environment, i mean.

A decade after my own UPCAT version, many things changed. Tiangges are all over the Sunken garden. (UP fair na ba?)

Well, another convergence of various people from different cultures (status!)

There were this conio gals. so ingay, doing kwentuhan to one another!

Then there were some who thought UPCAT was a family affair, bringing their family along. (Together with banners! Go! Go! You can do it! Haha!)

And there were those unprepared, who were lost in the middle of the forest. (Are we there yet?) *grin*

So, they thought UP would bring to a better future? Think again. Assess again. What's next after passing the UPCAT? Are you really CAPABLE to survive the war (exaggerated!) UP system is going to give you? (unless you're an Einstein-wannabe)

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cyberpunk said...

bitter ocampo, ikaw ba yan?

hahaha :P

Josh said...

Ang paaralan ng mga anak ng pulitiko, elitista, anak ng mga may ranggong sundalo, bisnesman na dapat ay para sa mga dukhang katulad namin...

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