Doughnuts, Donuts

"Why do donuts have holes?" I recall this question was asked to me, during one of those call center interviews I had.

But really, have you ever wondered?

Call center interviews will ask this question in the years to come, telling that there's no right or wrong answer. But really, there's an answer to it! I don't know if they (call center interviewers, HR people, hello!) know this...

Anyway, I will immortalize the answer to this..

A sea captain named Hanson Gregory was trying to eat a fried cake which was popular back in the old days. Capt. Gregory was trying to steer the ship and eat the cake at the same time because he was a pig and a very thoughtless driver, not unlike people on cell phones today.

Capt. Gregory kept crashing into the other ships because he was paying more attention to his fried cake than to the other ships. So, Capt. Gregory stuck the cake onto a spoke on the boat's steering wheel, thus accidentally creating the first doughnut. After that Capt. Gregory told his cook to make his fried cakes with holes so he could keep eating his cakes while he drove, thus causing several more boating accidents.

Interestingly, Gregory didn't die in one of his many boating accidents, he died of chronic heart disease brought on by all the doughnuts. Hehehe!

* * *
Personal (I guess!): Call center people know this: It's America's independence day today! Let's sing the Star-Spangled Banner here in the Philippines.

(For the record, I'm not working as CCR, TSR, whatever! Actually, I am always rejected during interviews. Dunno why?)

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Sayote Queen said...

Wow! So ganun pala nagkaroon ng unang donut hehehe :) now I know.. thanks for the info

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