Double picture: Flightplan and Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man - for the longest time, i thought it was a tearjerker movie.. but upon hearing that it's on the elite's movie list, i started to get curious.. then, rushed to the nearest video store.. the reviews were right, the movie (boxing career of James "Jim" J. Braddock) is totally inspiring! Having a comeback in the boxing ring (to help his family) says it all. His amazing comeback became the source of inspiration of many down-on-their-luck Americans during that time.

I just love movies where the underdogs prevail (as they always do). Russel Crowe portrayed effectively (no wonder he got an Academy nomination), his character (Jim) was so humble, so down-to-earth. It somewhat moved me in that scene where he walks to the ring on his title bout, the whole Madison Square Garden crowd suddenly became quiet (a sign of respect, maybe) and, his hometown crowd filling up the church to pray for him.

It's nice to see one man's determination to get up after his stumble. Hope I could do the same. (and not just sit in a corner and reminisce what went wrong) L-) Take note: the movie is based on a true story.

Flightplan- Ms. Jodie Foster does it again.. hey, she's doing movies once in a blue moon, so you are sure on what she has to offer. As the title implies, the story is set on the aircraft. Nah, forget the first half of the movie (unless you want it detailed). Kyle's (Foster) daughter, Julie, was kidnapped while she was asleep; the whole plane didn't even noticed the kid, nor was she in the flight manifesto. Everybody thought she was going out of her mind.

Then the suspence comes. my heart breaks as she is surrounded by people who don't believe her. You feel her pain as a woman who has lost everything, and refuses to believe she has to lose her daughter.

But you can never take away a mother's instinct. Being an aircraft engineer that she was, she searched the whole plane for her daughter, only to find out that she was being setup(ed).

just watch the movie to find out how the story goes. But i guess you are thinking it was a happy ending.

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